You set High Goals for what you want to accomplish.

Any doubts about how to make them happen?

The truth is business executives cannot coach themselves and high performing individuals, C-suite executives benefit greatly from expert coaching!

Let me introduce myself. The picture here shows me with Kathy Ireland of Worldwide Business ready to talk about the successful penetration of the US market of a multinational I was representing. I help top executives like you fast-track your career, elevate your performance, and achieve more than you thought possible.

I was born in Australia, have lived in the UK, Italy, USA and Switzerland and have worked on projects all over the world. I've managed Talent development projects, head hunting and recruiting, am an experienced outdoor trainer as well as an executive coach.

I have 30 years business and management experience. The challenges you face are the same ones that I encountered as a CEO, CHRO, COO, and Executive Board Member. I have worked all over the globe in the ranks of top executives in industries ranging from engineering, banking and insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telecommunications, publishing, fashion and luxury, aviation, and defence.


My experience includes helping entrepreneurs create a thriving business from an idea.

Do you need to refine your professional skills?


Resolve management and personnel issues with your team?


Identify and focus on the biggest impacts or threats to your  career?

You need someone who understands your challenges and speaks your language. You need someone you can trust to guide you in the right direction while maintaining your confidence.

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How I Can

Help You

Basic package of 6, two-hour coaching sessions one-on-one via Zoom call. Each meeting takes place every 3-4 weeks, so you can practice new strategies and behaviours in-be...
Executive Coaching
2 hr