10 tips for relaxation

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

When you have 380 new mails in your inbox, your next meeting starts in exactly 5 minutes and your boss/the President is on hold, waiting to discuss why shareholder’s dividends aren’t what were expected, it’s a perfect time to relax!

Try the following suggestions to relieve stress in just 5 minutes or less.

  1. Sip Green Tea. Great tea is a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger.

  2. Meditate. Five minutes of peace is all it takes to reap the benefits of meditation. I relieves stress and depression. Concentrate on your breathing and feel those anxieties dissipate.

  3. Close your eyes. Take a quick break from your busy office by lowering your eyelids, and stop the internal monologue. It’s an easy way to regain calm and focus.

  4. Rub your feet over a golf ball. Leave the clubs at home, just bring the ball! You can give yourself an impromptu relaxing foot massage by rubbing your feet back and forth over the ball.

  5. Squeeze a stress ball. On those day you’d love to strangle a co-worker, squeeze a stress ball instead. It’s an easy, portable and non violent way to relieve tension.

  6. Drip cold water on your wrists. When stress hits, head for the bathroom and open the cold water tap over your wrists. There are major arteries under the skin, cooling these areas can help calm the whole body.

  7. Be alone. Just 5 minute of alone time can help you collect your thoughts and clear your head.

  8. Find the sun. Bright light can be an effective treatment for people who suffer from depression and can even cheer up otherwise healthy people.

  9. Stretch. Standing up for a quick stretch can relieve muscle tension and help us relax during a stressful day. You can even try a shoulder roll-out or a chest-opening stretch from your desk chair.

  10. Take a quick walk. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or are having trouble concentrating, go for a quick walk. You’ll get the benefit of alone time, physical activity and a few minutes to gather your thoughts.

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