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Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Do you dare to live in the fullness of your joy 100% of the time? It's a pretty powerful concept to consider.

So how do we identify the light within us and around us... and how do we make it grow? This light is always present and it's available to illuminate your path at any time. The key is reorienting your focus to notice it and then committing your energy to cultivate it.

Here are 5 simple ways to bring more light into your life:

1. Reorient Your Focus. One of the greatest spiritual laws affirms that what we have our attention on becomes our life. Have you ever noticed that when you're stuck in "glass-half-empty" mode then everything seems to go wrong? The opposite is also true. Even in the midst of profound darkness, in the midst of world-wide upheaval and strife, we can find the light by looking for it and by looking at it. It only takes one match to light up a dark room. So... what's illuminated in your life right now in the midst of everything? What’s working for you? What match can you light to spark that initial flame of positivity, wholeness and hope?

2. Become Generative. This is by far the most powerful way to bring more light and positivity into your life. Being generative means intentionally putting your energy towards that which you want to have grow. You are generating the outcome you want – through your words, actions, choices, thoughts, etc. It means you’re taking Radical Responsibility to be the pioneer of your life’s experience. This takes the first step a bit further. Now that you know how to find light, how can you cultivate it? Practice being generative ten times a day – choose language that cultivates your intention, the outcome you want, etc. Make it a point to engage in things that light you your soul and make you HAPPY from WITHIN. Start saying what you DO want instead of talking about what you don't want or don't like. Put energy towards that which you are creating.

3. Bring It Back Home To You. How often do you find yourself stuck in the comparison game? How often are you more focused on what’s happening out there, over there, with him, her or them? Comparing ourselves to others opens the door to a massive pity party of lack, less-than and the consciousness of being broken in some way. Bring more light into your life by keeping your first attention on yourself and releasing the story of something being wrong or lacking within you just because it exists with someone else. Bring your focus back to this very moment on your unique path of self actualisation. What are you proud of? What are you up to and what are you creating for yourself right now? You can use your body to bring it back home - tap your heart, bring your focus to the back of your neck and shift your posture from forward bending to leaning slightly back. The more you listen to and trust your own inner guidance, instead of what's going on with someone else, the more you will receive and your soul will shine from the inside out.

4. Celebrate. You're alive! You're reading this blog! There IS cause to celebrate.The celebration of life brings light in more quickly than anything else. Every morning before getting out of bed, spend 5 minutes in a gratitude party with yourself. What are you grateful for? What miracles are taking place in your life right now, in this moment, today? What gives you cause to celebrate? It can be as simple as celebrating the fact that it's a sunny day or that your cat or dog is snuggling up next to you or that your breath works brilliantly on your behalf. Take in a deep breath and breathe in all the AMAZINGNESS that is here to celebrate. Join the party.

5. Become ALIGNED. When we align our words, actions and choices with our highest intention we allow the clouds to part and the most incredible rays of light shine through for us. Living in alignment means we are living with dignity, integrity and even reverence for ourselves and for life itself. Take a moment to remember this throughout the day instead of habitually reacting out of impulse or your normal, comfortable, passive way. Ask yourself how you can make your choices more congruent with the highest vibration of who you really are. What would it look like if you allowed yourself to shine from a place of integrity and personal triumph today instead of from a place of ego?

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