Time for a change

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Even in tough economic times, you may want a career that matters, that’s purposeful and motivates you. But what if your current job no longer offers this?

It might seem hard to figure out the right strategy when you’re stuck in a job that has you dreading every morning commute, but getting out of this rut is just like solving any other problem. You have to be deliberate and thoughtful.

After you’ve taken a moment to breathe, and before you make a plan, you’ve got to make sure you understand what the problem is. Write down all of the things you hate about your current job. Getting these out will help you identify the issue. Look at your list and ask yourself if the things you loathe are related to your company, your industry, or just your specific role. Or all three!There’s no point in finding a new job until you know what to avoid, and this list will help you determine that.

Plan your solution. Now you should know where the real problem lies: with your job, the company or industry—or all three. Depending on what you discover, your action plan will vary. However, regardless of whether you plan on staying with your organisation or going to a new one, networking is critical.

If you like your job, but hate your company, it’s time to send our applications.

If you hate your job and your company, then your situation is a little more challenging. In this case you need to identify what you really care about. What skills have helped you thrive? What makes you feel strong? What really motivates you? If you have difficulty answering these questions, consider working with a career coach.

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