Here is some feedback I received from clients

Mirko De Gaetano - International Sales & Marketing Manager

Amanda is an outstanding professional, a really empathetic person. I suggest you seriously consider working with her, she is one of a kind.

Silvia Biraghi - RINA Certified Temporary Manager - Industry 4.0

Amanda is an unconventional and experienced coach. If you are looking for a real, practical and pragmatic approach, I can only suggest you try her.

CFO, British multinational civil engineering company

“When we started this journey, I honestly didn’t believe I would want to fix more than a couple of meetings with you. Now I can’t think of how I survived before I had your support! I’ve gone from having little to no communication and poor collaboration from my team, to actually enjoying our weekly meetings. I now know each member well enough to know exactly what I can ask of them and be sure they’ll deliver on time, quality work. I’ve been offered a new position as Managing Director in an affiliate company and want you to follow me in my new role.”

Company Lawyer, Italian TLC company

“You’ve helped me to think and see issues differently. The new strategies I’ve developed over these last few months have been successful in saving the company 100’s of thousands of Euro. Your service has more than paid for itself!” I’ve also discovered skills I wasn’t aware I had!”

General Manager, Commercial office multinational production company USA

“Since I’ve been working with you, almost by magic, the European headquarters are finally responding to my requests. I’m getting the support this operation needed but wasn’t getting. I’m getting listened to. The strategy I presented has resulted in an increase of 40% in sales over the last 6 month period, making the North American market the most successful of the whole organisation.”